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I'm Gruesome Geddes but you can call me Andy, and in the 15 Years of Anger Management Radio broadcasting on public radio stations. We have always supported Black Artists and Musicians. To show our support on behalf of Anger Management Radio we have donated to Black Lives Matter Toronto

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Black Lives Matter - Toronto

Anger Management Radio

July 23rd
Hour One 10pm
Shark Infested Daughters- Tidebringer (Gruesome Mix)
Make Them Suffer- Contraband (Feat Courtney LaPlante)
Sionis- Leucothea
Sionis- Asthenia
Our Last Crusade- Nomad
Left To Suffer- Loathe
The Parallel- Who I’ve Become
August Burns Red x Fit For A King- Defender (feat Ryan Kirby)
Fit For A King x August Burns Red- God Of Fire (feat Jake Luhrs)
Bound In Fear- Penance (feat Nick Arthur)
Brand Of Sacrifice- Animal
Slaughter To Prevail- Zavali Ebalo
Memphis May Fire- Death Inside
A NIGHT IN TEXAS- Flesh Kingdom
Isolate Peaks- Miseria 
All Was Lost- Closure
Wither Within-...And All I See Is Red
Fit For A King- Helena (My Chemical Romance Cover)
Cole Rolland & Lauren Babic- Every Time We Touch (Cascada Cover)
Defiler- I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan)
Liferuiner- If Being Fake Was An Olympic Sport
Ligeia- Hoodrat
Emmure- 10 Signs You Should Leave
Coletta- Blossom
Hacktivist- Hyperdialect (feat ten56) 
We Butter The Bread With Butter- 20km/h
Winds Of Plague- Reloaded
3 Inches Of Blood- Deadly Sinners

Slipknot- (sic)

Slipknot- Left Behind

If I Were You- Rescue Me

Powerbomb- Shotgun Saturday Night

Powerbomb- In Your House

Powerbomb- NITRO

Powerbomb- Rest In Peace

Fleshgod Apocalypse- No

Shrezzers- Noodles

The Browning- Optophobia

Celldweller- A Matter Of Time (The Browning Remix)

After The Burial- Drifts

Observants- Pillage

Gutter King- Make Believe 

The Ghost Inside- Faith Or Forgiveness


Coletta- Handbook For The Recently Deceased

Coletta- Blossom

Basterds- A Place To Call Hell

Basterds- Threat To Myself

Alexisonfire- Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama

Alexisonfire- Pulmonary Archery

Every Hour Kills- Euclidean

Blessed By A Broken Heart- Show Me What You Got

As  Blood Runs Black- Hester Prynne

Born of Osiris- Brace Legs

Lamb Of God- Walk With Me In Hell

Lamb Of God- Laid To Rest (GRUESOME Mix)

Anger Management Radio

July 16th

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Hour One 10pm

Nindjent0- Cerulean City

Trivium- Court Of The Dragon

Every Hour- Euclidian

The Luminary- Apparition

Basterds- Threat To Myself

Basterds- Roaming

We Came As Romans- Darkbloom

We Butter The Bread With Butter- 20km/h

Rising Insane- Afterglow

Carcosa- Descensus

Structures- 6

Structures- Fortune Fades

Memphis May Fire- Death Inside

Our Hollow Our Home- In Retrospect

Born Of Osiris- Poster Child

Hour Two 11pm

ATTILA- Day Drinking

Vulvodynia- Banquet Of Enigmatic Horrors Part 1: Terror

Brand Of Sacrifice- Lifeblood

Crystal Lake- Curse

Spiritbox- Circle With Me

Make Them Suffer- Contraband (feat Courtney LaPlante)

Dead Days- Doom & Gloom 

If I Were You- Rescue Me (ft Rory Rodriguez)

Powerbomb- The Stomp

Powerbomb- The Man 

Cliffside- Hindsight

Left To Suffer- Loathe

IRE- Reflections

I Killed The Prom Queen- Sharks In Your Mouth

Veil Of Maya- It’s Not Safe To Swim Today

Parkway Drive- Boneyards

Korpikilaani- Ievan Polkka 

Anger Management Radio

July 9th

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We Butter The Bread With Butter- 20km/h 

Born Of Osiris- Poster Child

IRE- Reflections

*Every Hour Kills- Euclidain 

*Basterds- A Place To Call Hell

*Basterds- Rotten Fondations

*Obey The Brave- Cold Summer

*Telomere- Sequoia I: Ashes

Defocus- In Our Heads

Capstan- Alone ( feat Shane Told of Silverstein)

Make Them Suffer- Contraband (feat Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox)

*Teeth- Voodoo Priestess

*Dead Days- Doom & Gloom

Emmure- Sons Of Medusa

Blood Youth- Iron Lung

Atreyu- Catastrophe

11pm Hour Two

*Structures- Planet Of Garbage

Attila- Day Drinking

*The Parallel- Barely Alive

*Throne To The Wolves- Disease

*Carcosa- Descensus 

*Our Last Crusade- Martyr Market

Eighteen Visions- 1996

Eighteen Visions- The Disease, The Decline, And Wasted Time

*Gutter King- Make Believe

Harms Way- Breeding Grounds

Harms Way- Timing

I Met A Yeti- Blue-Eyes White Yeti

Currents- Monster

Hacktivist- Hyperdialect 

Architects- Hollow Crown